(Al Ihsan Business Center) Al Ihsan Endowment

About the project

A six-storey building with a total area of ​​more than 8200 m2
The project is located in the modern Al-Shati neighborhood in Jizan, opposite Al-Sadafa roundabout
The project is designed to be administrative offices for companies, institutions, banks and the like
Project components (6) roles

Ground floor: an area of ​​1350 m 2
First floor: an area of ​​1560 m 2
Second floor: an area of ​​1565 m 2
Third floor: an area of ​​1570 m 2
Fourth floor: an area of ​​1570 m 2
Fifth floor: an area of ​​600 m 2
Total: 8,216 m2
Project Features

It is located in one of the newest residential neighborhoods in the city of Jazan on the seashore
Close to the university city of Jazan University
It is located in the shell square on which four main streets flow
It is located in the investment area where the new malls, corporate headquarters and modern hotels are
It has more than 350 car parks organized with sidewalks, asphalt and lighthouses.
Its expected revenue
Expected returns: three and a half million riyals annually

Completed: The project has been completed

Grass Al-Khair Endowment Association Oyouni Association

These are endowment projects for the Oyouni Health Association in one investment portfolio consisting of real estate investment and investment in the field of smart and safe investment funds. Endowment banks:

• Performing eye surgeries for needy and poor patients.

• Operating mobile clinics in governorates and villages.

• Preventive and awareness programs to enhance eye health and safety.

• Corporate Governance and Excellence.

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endowment rheumatism

Endowment bank account


An ongoing charity and an uninterrupted reward.”

Its proceeds are spent for the treatment of rheumatic patients, among the poor and needy


rohamaa endowment

Endowment bank account


Rahma Health Association Endowment, whose proceeds go back to the treatment of needy patients, and its reward will continue to you, God willing, and to be a reason for treating our needy patients, the endowment is located in the city of Riyadh


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Autism Endowment Fund

Endowment bank account


It aims to support and finance service projects in the autism sector

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distress relief

Endowment bank account


A residential commercial building in the northern district of Al-Khobar that contains 3 commercial showrooms and 16 apartments

Tadawi Health Association Pharmacy

Endowment bank account


1- Providing pharmacy services that help in the advancement, growth and development of Sharurah Governorate

2- Providing medicines and medical devices to the beneficiaries of the Tadawi Health Association free of charge

3- The pharmacy works as a social investment project to help the lowest-income people obtain basic services at reasonable prices

Endowment of Samah Medical Association

Endowment bank account


1- Sustainability of the association
2- Free for the poor and needy
3- 10 beds for one day surgery
4- 30 clinics in all medical specialties
5- 2 operating rooms
6- Specialized dental clinics
7- High quality laboratory
8- Pharmacy
9- Physiotherapy center

Medical Clinics - Phase One

The project aims to achieve the financial sustainability of the association by equipping women’s health clinics, lymphedema, spine clinics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, magnetic therapy and laser clinics, electrotherapy and trauma clinics. It is a profitable project for non-cancer patients that achieves the financial sustainability of the association and returns Its revenue is for the benefit of patients and for the service of cancer patients, from which it serves them free of charge.

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Baha Investment Building

An investment building consisting of a group of shops and apartments that will be a stable source of income for the development of the association's financial resources

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investment building

The project of constructing two investment buildings for the association

The project consists of two sites in Riyadh, the embassy district, the first site is located next to the Korean embassy and the second site is next to the diplomatic security building.

The first site consists of a basement with an area of ​​7,500 square meters, on top of which are located two buildings of three floors, and the floors have been divided into foyers, corridors and offices for rent.

The second site consists of a basement with an area of ​​14,350 square meters, on which there are three buildings of three floors and a mezzanine floor. The floors have been divided into foyers, corridors, galleries and offices for rent.

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My second blood stop

Contributed to the establishment of the second building of the endowment of my blood, and its proceeds are spent on the programs and activities of the association
Organizing more than 600 blood donation campaigns targeting 10,000 blood donors to benefit 30,000 patients in need of blood during the year.

Operating a blood center to donate blood, which includes:
Voluntary blood donation campaigns
Support for blood patients, a specialized consulting clinic for blood patients,
- Awareness and education corner for the community
Organizing courses and workshops for health practitioners for optimal management of blood banks, and techniques for dealing with blood donors,

The humanitarian association services related to blood donation and educating the community about its importance.

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Bader I stop

Endowment of an integrated medical complex
(within the boundaries of the campus)

Ongoing charity on the best days
Its pay is permanent and its impact is sustainable
Stop yourself, your parents, and your loved ones
The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: (If a servant dies, his work is cut off except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him).
Beneficiaries of the endowment:
● patients
● People with disabilities
● The poor
● Orphans
● widows
Endowment proceeds for:
- Caring for the sick most in need
Rehabilitation of amputees
Providing medical devices
- Caring for people with disabilities
With your help, we care for more than 3,500 patients
Contribute what you feel good about yourself
Al Rajhi (Waqf Account)
Alinma (Waqf Account)
Badir Association for Medical Devices in Makkah Region Permit 1111
If necessary, please send the receipt after transferring to the number via WhatsApp

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stop the medicine

Endowment bank account


The endowment..a tree whose fruit lasts

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stop smiling first

Endowment bank account

677 0668 0801 5256 0000 SA728

1- The first real estate investment endowment for the association

2- It is compatible with the needs of the association to be its headquarters and the headquarters of its endowment clinics

3- It achieves financial sustainability for the association

4- It aims to sustain the treatment of needy patients, the poor, the needy, and orphans in the Makkah region

5- A distinctive and lively location on two easily accessible streets

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stop remediation

Endowment bank account


A remedial cessation to protect the promising generations from smoking

stop our patients

Endowment bank account


It is one of the association's programs and aims to allocate an endowment to the Friends of Patients Association in Unaizah, the proceeds of which will return
For the programs of the association, especially patients with renal failure
To support needy patients, relieve their distress, and achieve financial sustainability

stop the medical device

Insurance of medical devices for kidney patients

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medical complex

Endowment costs details:
buy land.
Construction of endowment buildings.
Equipping the endowment with medical and office equipment and the necessary furniture.
What the endowment includes:
The association's administrative offices.
Medical complex.
Kidney dialysis center.
Day Surgery Center.
Physiotherapy Center.
Health Training Center.
Emergency and patient transport.

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