By 🖋️:

Khalil Ibrahim Al-Owaiqil


Council of Health Associations

We still remember a phrase that our teachers repeated to our ears a lot|| Prevention is better than cure|| And I am sure that prevention needs the correct medical and health information that reaches the healthy human being to practice prevention properly and not fall victim to personal jurisprudence or the jurisprudence of the pretenders of understanding and knowledge who do not hesitate to give medical advice and guidance whose results may be disastrous

Health associations have a magnificent role on health awareness programs.

through campaigning at public places such as parks or even workplaces

health association differs in their means of health awareness however they all agree that awareness is the beginning of prevention, which is undoubtedly better than treatment

"prevention is better than treatment" is much more than what we imagine

it is beneficial even for a healthy person in terms of health, finance and psychological metters

it is alsow beneficial for countries in terms of material costs

its better for societies to remain in health and wellness in order to improve and produce.

I believe that we don't need to convince the society how important health awareness is

I address my words to health practitioners in regards to their role in digital health awareness

as a doctor you may treat fifty patients, however with a short video clip you could help preventing diseases for thousand or millions of people.

To health association employees and leaders :

technological and digital transformation has imposed it self on our lives

which is why health associations need to keep up and take part in it.

Health NGOs will have no difficulty in devising digital mechanisms to guide awareness in a scheduled and automatic manner on World Health Days and through communication platforms and perhaps even digital children's games.

Health awareness mechanism should be:

  • Low cost
  • Widespread
  • Reach the target category
  • In a special, persuasive and innovative style
  • Great effects
  • Sustainable

This is an introduction and a first step into the digital health awareness field

Hopfully the health associations in Saudi Arabia will be leading this field globally.

And I believe it will be soon with God willing.







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